Thursday, October 30, 2008

~~bULBul~~ nocturnal activities

~~ study week~~ such a hectic week~~ books~~revision~~tido~~ hmm, anyway-- gud luck to all my dear frens~~ dekan sem ni weyh~~~~

~~Perpustakaan Tun Seri Lanang~~

i'm studied biological statistical analysis~~ oyen diving into her marketing bible~~

~~kertas berserakan~~

we wish all ours friends Good Luck~~~

~~Gud Luck~~

1 a.m- 30/10/08~~ malam masih muda---

~~all gone~~

me and oyen felt so hungry~~ goin to mapley~~

~~cantik pulak~~

malangnya~~ mapley full~~ instead of mapley- we go to McD

bULBul order ni----->
~~grilled chicken foldover~~

oyen order this----->

~~big mac~~

mestila~~ mane leh takder french fries-sos-coke diet-

~~french fries~~

~~coke Light~~

~~sos Cili~~

around 2.30a.m~~ we going back~~ lupa plak~~mama pon ikut serta...

akhir kata~~