Wednesday, November 5, 2008

~~ hectic day to begin

now already 12.45 pm, 5th nov 2008, 7 zulkaedah 1429 Hijr. i'M still at my room. Just finished my brunch (Breakfast + lunch) . Today i'M eating baked bean with boiled eggs. Just nice to begin my hectic day...

things to do today
1.05- zohor prayer
1.20- go to PTSL
1.30- study conversational mandarin.
- memorize all "hanzi' chineese character. (about 80 hanzi)
5.00- going back~~~lalalalala
5.20 - Asar prayer
6.00-8.30- time to relax
- call my jiejie (she's taking spm maybe next monday-- give some support)
9.00- prepare to do mandarin audio record
10.30- conservation biology - case review.
12.00- sleep tyme ( no more mamak food ok)----nanti perut naik cepat :P

zhai jian~~ wo qu banggongshi Tun Seri Lanang ( ni sumer dalam pinyin taw~~ fonetik lain yerr)