Sunday, June 20, 2010

a new beginning!



here I am... still in love with my blog! this blog mean everything to my life!

Alhamdulillah, i have passed my phase 1A examination. Now, it is a new beginning of Phase 1B and i will facing much bigger examination which is Professional Examination 1..wakakaka...

I try to write in English even though feel so weird!! haha..

with a new beginning, there is a lot of problems and need to be solved. Registration fees one of the biggest problem! RM2220.00 must be paid before end of this month. worry, frustrating, ashamed of myself! I really don't want to put my parent in such an annoying situation! Its not my fault, the one should be blame is Unit Kewangan! They give us the invoice less than a week before claim for the payment! wt#....

For the new beginning, i have be selected as a president of Batch 1B. Not a glamerous position because i need to deal with lecture and administration staffs! I take it as a challenge to improve my confident level and my communications skill!

about the schedule! arghh! so damn pack!! no break b4 the end module assessment! wakakaka!

This is for the first week!

for the second week!

InsyaAllah, i will never and ever do the same mistakes in Phase 1B.. no more study at last minute..and no more main2 a lot.. main2 skit2 ok la kot...hehe...

p/s: want to promote my sister stall at Pantai Saujana Batu 4 Port dickson!

specialities: celup-celup served with deliciously home made gravy including sweet gravy, kuah kacang and spicy gravy!... also must try fried kueytiow with cockles. hehehe...

kalau bernasib baik... dapat jumpa aku! hehe



salamBEST said...

wah presiden batch!

raudah said...

haiya mcm ad muka mamak sblh umh aq jerrr heheh mamak tasnim